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Gary Doherty the founder of THINK Network doesn’t have big dreams he has massive realities. Living a life of never been done before.

He is responsible for bringing TEDxDerryLondonderry to the City for the first time in history, this event went ahead on the 8/2/21. In addition to that, he hosted the first-ever TEDxDerryLondonderryWomen event on the 26/11/20. Gary delivered his very own TED Talk at TEDxCookstown on 27/11/20.


Gary has created the fastest-growing independent empowerment platform in the UK & Ireland with major international collaborations.

He features in Karen Weavers’ book ‘Miracle of Intention’ and has aspirations to grow in this area. He also features in a special Clubhouse Collaboration book, Yise Guys / Business Leaders collaboration and joint collaboration ‘Universal Laws inspired ‘Universal Conversations’ with award-winning author/publisher Karen Weaver of KMD Books. 


Gary says “The purpose of THINK Network is to bring people together, connect, deepen relationships and add real value to the world, whether that be through online events, physical events, workshops or private groups. We are on a mission to make a positive change in the world one connection at a time. We are and we will. We have seen rapid growth over the last 24 months and have some exciting plans for the rest of this year and beyond”


We believe in championing the achievements and successes of others, both men and women equally. We will share their stories, perspectives and encourage others to do the same.
We believe that together we are better.


Promote Gender Equality

Respect & Fairness

Motivate & Inspire

Celebrate Achievements

Share Ideas & Knowledge